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TrackMyWorkout offers a free and easy way to keep track of your personal workout routine.
  • Easy setup: Choose from templates or use the setup wizard to add your workout routine. Learn more...
  • Automatic Weight Management: Once you finish all the repetitions for a particular set successfully TrackMyWorkout will increase the weight in a specified increment for your next workout. Learn more...
  • Graphic Display of all statistics: Stylish graphs track long-term progress, individual workouts, sets and repetitions. Learn more...
  • Never be late for the next set: TrackMyWorkout will remind you visually and acoustically when it is time to do the next set. Let TrackMyWorkout be your Personal Trainer. Learn more...
  • It's available everywhere: Use it at home on your PC, or at the gym on your mobile device. Learn more...

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Example Workout Screen:

Let's Work OutTrack Your Body WeightManage WorkoutsManage Muscle Groups, Muscle Names and Miscellaneous Settings

Start by selecting the muscle group you want to train.
Last workout performed: Shoulder - Neck - Pull Up on 11/2/2009 4:26:59 PM.

1. Muscle Group:|Chest|Arm|Shoulder|Back|
2. Muscle:|Latissimus|
3. Workout:|Lat Pulldown|Close Grip Pulldown|

Selected Workout: Back - Latissimus - Lat Pulldown

Current Workout
Sets to perform:4
Repetitions to perform per set:12
Weight to be used:105 lbs
Enter repetitions performed for set 4:

Time until start of next set:



Workout NotesHelp
Day 1: Chest, Biceps, Shoulder
Day 2: Lat, Triceps, Abs

Global Statistics For All Workouts
Total Sets Performed:8,529
Total Repetitions Performed:97,025
Total Weight Lifted:7,766,553 lbs
3,883 tons
Long Term Statistics: Back - Latissimus - Lat Pulldown
Stylish graph displays long term statistics for each workout and set you ever performed
Individual Repetition History (Last 12 Workouts)Help
Last time you performed this workout you made 12 repetition(s) during set 4.

Stylish graph displays individual repetition history and encurages you to perform as good as last time you performed this workout
Weight Per Workout
Arm - Biceps - Narrow 165
Arm - Biceps - Narrow 270
Arm - Triceps - Overhead150
Arm - Triceps - Side115
Back - Latissimus - Narrow105
Back - Latissimus - Wide105
Chest - Bottom - Butterfly160
Chest - Middle - Butterfly155
Shoulder - Deltoid - Push Up145
Shoulder - Neck - Pull Up65

Easy Setup Automatic Weight Management Graphic Display Never Be Late For The Next Set It's Available Everywhere
Setup of your account is easy. Just create a login with your email address and a password and that's it.

After you login the first time you can create your first workout either by choosing from a template or by creating your own personalized workout. That's all you have to do to stay focused and up to date on your workout progress.
A note book is a thing of the past. TrackMyWorkout keeps track of your entire workout progress. TrackMyWorkout will inform you about which workout to perform, how much weight to use and how many reps/set you are supposed to make. TrackMyWorkout will show you how many repetitions you have made last time you worked out this particular muscle or muscle group. Once you have performed the full amount of repetitions for each set, TrackMyWorkout will automatically increment the weight by the amount you initially specified for the next workout.

Remember the last time you worked out and the pauses between each set were irregularly and you forgot to make the full number of sets? Not anymore. The site will visually and verbally remind you to do the next set after a pause specified by you. Yes, that's the big number in the middle of the screen. You can even read it from across the Gym.
Stylish graphs give you a quick overview about your progress and your current workout.

Long term statistics keep a history of all your workouts ever performed and their associated weight.

The Individual Repetition History graph shows you in detail how you have performed during the last 12 times you worked out a specific muscle group. This is an easy way to remember how many reps you have done last time for set "x". This should encourage you to do at least this many or more reps to keep your muscles in a state where it does not get used to the same weight/reps.

The Weight Per Workout graph gives you a quick overview on all your workouts and how much weight you are currently using.
Remember last time you were at the gym and you were talking with someone and suddenly 5 minutes have passed and you had to warm up again to do the next set. Not anymore. TrackMyWorkout will remind you visually and verbally to do the next set. You can use TrackMyWorkout anywhere you have access to the internet. Be it at home or at the gym. You can use it on your mobile device (coming soon) too.

User Comments
Ann Mary Abigail, Madison, WI

TrackMyWorkout is awesome. Never before have I seen a web site to track my workout that goes to this level of detail. I mean you can exactly see how many repetitions you have made during the last time you performed set let’s say number 3.
This is great to motivate yourself to do as many repetitions as you did last time or more. Great Job Guys!!!

Paul Delacroix, Fayette, AL

Dude, this is awesome. I always struggled to keep track of my workout and its details. TrackMyWorkout really helped. I love the countdown between each set. That was another thing I had trouble keeping track of. Also, the countdown between sets helps me to finish my workout quicker than before.

Ride on, Paul.
Brian Gibson, Flagstaff, AZ

As a professional Bodybuilder I had my doubts that there would be a website out there that could enhance my workout routine. I was skeptical to sign up with in the beginning but the service being free, I figured, why not?
I was positively surprised about the ease of the initial workout setup. Having the need to highly customize my workout, TrackMyWorkout accommodated all my needs in a very simple user-friendly interface. The single screen layout really helps. Who wants to switch between multiple sites just to see the details of my history of repetitions? I want it all on one screen and only TrackMyWorkout does it so far. You did an awesome job guys. Oh, I love the stylish graphs and that they are dynamic for each workout. Don't know how you did it but I love it.

Best regards, Brian.
Julie Breton, New York, NY

Every BowFlex user should use TrackMyWorkout!
I own a BowFlex for a couple of years now and since I work out at home it is easy to get distracted from workout. TrackMyWorkout really helped me to stay focused and never miss a set because there was something cool on TV or because the phone rang.

You rock, Julie.
Amanda Palmer, Flemingsburg, KY

I am suddenly making progress in my work out! I had given up hope to ever get anywhere with my workout. Since I use TrackMyWorkout I have noticeably improved the weight I lift. I have also toned a bit, thanks to you guys. I cannot stress how beneficial it is to see the repetitions you have made last time you worked out. I never thought that this little detail has such an impact on my workout.

Thanks again, Am.
Suzanne Ferguson, Seattle, WA

I had tried a couple of websites to track my workout progress. Somewhere quite well, but they lacked some things. Either the statistics were not usable or the setup was too complicated. I really liked the ease of setup here at TrackMyWorkout. The countdown to the next set is unbelievably helpful. And I don’t have to rewind my stopwatch all the time. The other great feature is the automatic weight increment if I have done my sets completely. I used to carry a big notebook with be but not anymore! TrackMyWorkout even works on my iPhone, how cool is that???

Natalie Hauser, Monterey, CA

I wish they would let you post pictures here. I would love to show the progress I have made in just two months. TrackMyWorkout does an incredible job helping you to stay focused and on-track with your workout. Thank you guys, beach season is safe for me now.

XOXOXO, Natalie.

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